September 19, 2016 | Citizen Inc.

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ProtectWise derives its logo from the legendary Shaolin warrior monk: a steadfast and serene master of his discipline. That idea of confident and artful observance inspired The ProtectWise Grid, the most immersive and futuristic network analysis software tool ever created. Marketing such a product would seem to be an easy proposition, but as the television series Kung Fu taught us, the path of a warrior monk is seldom a smooth one.

The Problem

The marketing of ProtectWise made perhaps more reference to the inspiration of its logo than to its product when work with Citizen began. A serene website aesthetic prominently featuring a vast mountain range conveyed calm but concealed the product. Existing trade show materials displayed the product but didn’t reflect the website. Citizen was enlisted by ProtectWise to help bring together brand and product in one unified design language across web site, banner ads, and trade show space. This exercise, though challenging, became an enriching one through the rapid but careful leveraging of research through development.

The Process

Citizen began our discovery by bringing in key ProtectWise stakeholders—the creators of its UX and UI systems—to get inside their heads. Ultimately our deliverables were to reflect the product that they created, so adopting their knowledge and mindsets was crucial to our progress. This discovery was rewarded with a set of four fundamental principles which would guide our efforts from design to development. Those principles encapsulated the essence of The ProtectWise Grid into a comprehensible package that allowed us to populate our painter’s palettes and tool kits with appropriate resources.

ProtectWise | Citizen, Inc.

All of those principles identified the nature of The ProtectWise Grid as a platform which dissolves the space between information and the visualization bringing it to life. Giving users an unprecedented ability to know what is happening, has happened, and will happen with their network is the core of the experience. Bringing that sensation outside The ProtectWise Grid would be central to Citizen’s efforts.

The Solution

Our vision for the updated ProtectWise web presence invested in designs which were made to draw no attention to themselves, making the immersive and cinematic quality of The ProtectWise Grid shine through. Our efforts were focused on activating the imaginations of visitors so that they could fully envision themselves using the product to secure their own networks. Compelling animated visuals would convey ambient activity, clear hierarchy would enforce structure, and depth of content would allow layered exploration. The lynch pin of this approach would be the site’s home page, a well-organized collection of content overlaid on full-bleed video of The ProtectWise Grid in action. Through this cornerstone our principles would unite with the product which inspired them in a harmonious arch, allowing The ProtectWise Grid to essentially speak for itself. This idea proved resonant with our partners at ProtectWise, and with direct communication and short feedback loops, we were able to design a full website in three weeks contiguous with banner and trade show efforts.

ProtectWise booth at Black Hat 2016 | Citizen, Inc.

The ProtectWise booth at Black Hat 2016.

Development took on the task of bringing the designs to life. With customary efficacy, we delivered a stable, stand-out web experience prior to the all-important Black Hat conference. Each of these endeavors was guided by our fundamental principles. In naming and articulating them we empowered the team and all observers of the project to keep us in check while driving towards the goal of uniting the product and marketing presence for ProtectWise.

The Results

Citizen’s skill is not only in working quickly and efficiently in producing gorgeous and compelling assets, it is in empathizing with our clients (and their audience) and taking on their problems as our own. In that effort, Citizen satisfied the goals of ProtectWise as it more-than-tripled its booth attendees at the Black Hat Conference over the previous year. Perhaps that’s because—like the Shaolin monks revered by ProtectWise—Citizen is able to approach challenges with a sense of calm, confidence and tenacity, doing what needs to be done to meet our clients’ needs.

ProtectWise Home Page

The new ProtectWise home page.

If you have a similar project needing design translation across multiple platforms, we’re all ears.

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