Eight Takeaways from our Connected Finance Panel

October 25, 2016 | Citizen Inc.

Citizen Inc.

In September, Citizen hosted four financial industry luminaries on a panel for a rousing conversation on financial technology and the future of saving, investing, and managing money using digital tools. Citizen CEO Jenny Moede guided the panelists through questions about behavioral economics, ultimately revealing that user behavior is thoughtfully examined in each corner of the financial services industry. To what end, however, differed dramatically between online banking, investing and building digital tools.

We’ve pulled together our favorite takeaways from the event:

Joshua Reich, CEO at Simple

Why financial education just doesn’t work.

The idea behind removing mental math from using a checking account.

Anika Hedstrom, Financial Planner and Analyst at Vista Capital Partners

How clients unwittingly help themselves when providing details to their financial planner.

On the importance of considering behavioral finance when making investment decisions.

Scott Brown, Executive Creative Director at Citizen

Explaining a user-technology-industry centered approach for how we define our engagements.

How simplification can breed panic.

Stephen Green, Fund Advisor at Elevate Capital

Bringing fresh perspective to venture capitalists.

Subtle gender differences between entrepreneurs.

We had a great time hosting our esteemed panelists. Examining why people make all kinds of predictably irrational choices—and how to plan for them—was a highlight of the evening.

If you enjoyed Ms. Hedstrom’s insights at either the event or through our highlights, you won’t want to miss her guest post on how user behavior can negatively impact investment strategy.

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