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Citizen translated ProtectWise's cinematic product aesthetic--The ProtectWise Grid--across new mediums. See how we did it

HoloLens: Project Serra

We partnered with Stanford on a holographic design project using the Microsoft HoloLens. Learn more about our engagement here.

Citizen Steps into Holographic Design

This winter, several Citizens participated in Microsoft’s HoloLens Academy program and, equipped with our fresh skills, we partnered with a leading U.S. healthcare organization to create an application to improve surgical accuracy. The project details are still under wraps, but stay tuned; it will test the boundaries of mixed reality healthcare practice.

IOTAS: Creating a Smart Home with Meaning

Smart Home hype has hit the peak of inflated expectations, standards are sorely lacking, retrofitting a home is a huge pain, and not a single one of us truly needs a smart home. So, why then, would we start a smart home company as a side project?

Citizen Hercules: Health & Wellness Platform

Citizen's Hercules Health & Wellness Platform brings the data from the individuals in our team together to explore the "why" of data collection. Here's just a peek into all of the "little data" we produce and explore in a typical day.