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Rethinking Digital Design for Seniors

Designers often create digital experiences with millennials in mind, but senior citizens are a key demographic that will greatly benefit from their attention. There’s a strong pull for designers to create cutting-edge experiences for a generation that has grown up tech-savvy and hyper-social. Designing for users well versed in the latest technologies, with few cognitive […]

Citizen Gets Spooky (For Halloween!)

It’s true. We had a Halloween party at Citizen. There were spooky libations, Wes Anderson-inspired looks, and a cutthroat pumpkin-carving competition for the ages (pun absolutely intended). Check out the video below and witness Citizen’s Halloween spectacular for yourself. Citizen Gets Spooky 2017 from Citizen Inc. on Vimeo.

Managing Young Professionals Is Hard, But Well Worth It

Managing young professionals is hard, but well worth it: A reflection on Citizen’s 2017 Summer Internship Program The older I get, the more I look back and think, “Wow, if I’d known then what I know now…” As it turns out, this phenomenon will probably continue for my entire life. On a TED Radio Hour […]