Citizen Summer Off-Site

By: Citizen Inc.

At 11:00am sharp on August 26, we shut the studio down and embarked on the wild journey to Sauvie Island. We piled into cars, Lyfts and bikes and made our way 30 minutes north.

Citizen, Inc. | Portland, Oregon

After getting lost (and found), we made our way to an oasis atop a sand mound where we gathered for lunch, beers—and everyone’s favorite—slushies.

We enjoyed some truly unforgettable moments of the summer including:

  • Donald’s sunscreen giving off a very pale white Twilight-esque glow.
  • Cole wearing a zipped up hoodie both on shore and in the water.
  • Buddy enjoying swimming! And then not.
  • A consensus about proper beach tunes (it’s Beach Boys)
  • The Coca Cola beef–made with cherry cola and real cherries
  • Ryan winning the “most sunburned” contest.
Citizen, Inc. | Portland, Oregon

With a little bit of teamwork, we:

  • Chilled out
  • Waded in the water
  • Paddle boarded
  • Floated on inflatable chairs

Spending time together away from the formality of the studio allowed us to connect and recharge. We’re pretty lucky that we’re able to take an entire day and dedicate it to appreciating each other’s company.

Citizen, Inc. | Portland, Oregon

With a team like this, who wouldn’t want to?