EY shifts into high gear with Citizen acquisition

By: Jenny Moede

I have big news to share today! Citizen has officially joined Ernst & Young LLP, as part of the company's digital transformation team within their Americas Advisory group.

This is an incredibly exciting moment in our 13-year history. Citizen was founded to innovate mobile technologies and we’ve since evolved into a digital strategy, design and technology agency that works across channels to solve complicated business problems and address new opportunities.

We pride ourselves on our deep understanding of the user … whether that’s a customer, employee, supplier, partner or other constituent. That insight allows us to find the critical intersection between business goals and user needs.

In EY, we’ve found a company that complements our expertise. The EY digital transformation team undertakes full company transformations across marketing, supply chain, security, ecommerce and customer experience. Our skills are complementary and our strategic vision is aligned for the future.

Over the past few years, we’ve noticed that a focus on customer-facing digital experiences often exposes a deeper need for digital transformation across our clients’ business. Digital experiences can also be the last mile, creating brighter points of intersection with customers, on top of a significant digital transformation that’s already taken place.

Integrating with EY’s capabilities allows us to provide even more value for our clients, who will experience us in much the same way they always have – through our dog-friendly, donut-infused Portland office, led by people who are passionate about solving business problems through digital experience. We now have access to incredible expertise and resources that we believe will boost the depth and breadth of our impact.

Most importantly, we recognized a kindred spirit in culture and purpose as we got to know EY over the past year. We are excited for the road ahead, and will keep you posted on our journey.

Jenny Moede
Former CEO, Citizen Inc., now Executive Director, EY Advisory